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Phase 3

Blending and Segmenting Week 2 (Phase 3, Set 7) - words that you can cut up and use as flashcards and then practise with writing.

Phoneme Flashcards for Y, Z, ZZ, QU can be found on page 2. You have had these sent home but if you need another copy then you can access them here...

Week 2 - Have a go at making learning new letter sounds as interactive and as fun as you creative!


...If you use facebook there are lots of pages set up to support parents during the pandemic with ideas of what you could do. My favourite this week has been where a parent stuck up the high frequency words and sounds that they have been learning all over the wall, followed by the child and a nerf gun firing at the correct one when the adult said it.  Great idea!

...Keep looking on 'pinterest' for new ideas, they are added to all the time. 

...Use the free access to sites such as Twinkl (information and link on Reception home learning page) to download more games, playdough mats and writing letter sounds activity packs.

...Keep using the website links to play interactive games. This not only holds their interest but they will need lots of revisiting and practice and this is a manageable way to do it at home during the pandemic. 


Have fun!