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Phase 3

We hope that you are enjoying your phonics at home and like the phonics activities we have been sharing with you each week.


Don't forget to do flashcards of all the sounds your child has learnt so far as well as the High Frequency Words. These sounds and words are quickly forgotten and we recommend that you practise these daily to help embed them.  In Phase 3 we teach the children the letter sound and the letter name. When you show them the flashcard they should say 'o or o' (sound or name). 


Phoneme frames is also a daily activity we do in school using all the letter sounds we have covered to date. You can use the words from your blending and segmenting sets each week to get you started.   Just take a whiteboard and drywipe pen, or paper and pencil, split it into three boxes and away you go! Your child will be used to doing these in school and should be able to show you how to do it.


A sentence a day keeps learning in play!  Trying to write a short sentence each day is also a great way to keep your phonics ticking over and keeping learning fresh. It is surprising how quickly children can weaken or lose a skill they have been learning if it isn't regularly revisited. This quick five minute activity will help build upon what your child has learnt.

Hide and Seek Snail Game - ai sound

This is a brilliant active game for your child to develop their knowledge of 'ai' sound words. Download the activity sheets - your child can practise their cutting out skills by cutting out the snails, or you could do it as a surprise, and then hide them around the garden, or if you can't do this then around the house. Then set your child off to find the snails...but they can only go on to find the next snail if they can read the word on the snail they have just found! 


Snail Trail Game - ai sounds

A lovely board game that you can play as a family. There is even a paper dice and counters provided if you are able to print off, cut and stick! Also a great opportunity to learn turn-taking and sticking to game rules!


Cheeky Mice Hopscotch - ee sound 

If you have chalk to create a hopscotch outside, or if you can't do this but have masking tape which you can stick to your flooring to create a hopscotch this is a great physical activity. If you are unable to do either then you could do 'finger hopscotch' where you create a small hopscotch on your worktop and use your fingers to do hopscotch! This game focuses on the 'ee' sound.


My 'oo' (long) sound workbook

This is a more table-based activity. A simple workbook which is based on the long 'oo' sound. You can use this book as a stimuli to go on and do other activities centred around the 'oo' sound.


oa Treasure Hunt

Thinking back to our last topic your child should now be comfortable with using treasure maps and know how much fun they can be! They can spot the things they can see (faintly drawn in grey) and record the word on a scroll (second sheet). This is broken down into phoneme frames to help. Phoneme frames are an excellent resource and we encourage you to use these every day just for practise of all the sounds they have learnt to date. 


Phase 3 Yes or No Question cards

Your last phase 3 activity this week that uses all the sounds that your child has learnt. They have to read the sentences independently and then give the answers yes or no. As you go through the pack it uses more sounds that we have learnt within phase 3.  To extend your child you could get them to think of their own questions and write them down for you to answer yes or no!


Blending and Segmenting week 4 (Phase 3, Set 9) - words that you can use within your phoneme frames as well as cut up and use as flashcards and then practise with writing.

This weeks HFWs are: was, will, with. Use the phase 3 sets you have had sent home, or you can find it to download here..

Phoneme flashcards for ai, ee, oo, and oa can be found on page 4. You have had these sent home but if you need another copy then you can access them here...

Week 4 - Last week we touched upon making things as hands-on and creative as possible. It takes a lot of thought and time initially to get into this. Some things work well, and other activities can be complete disasters. Some lessons will be brilliant and you will feel motivated and inspired to look for new ideas, and some will leave you feeling deflated and frustrated but don't stress - we do understand and you are not alone!  Many parents across the nation are feeling the same right now. Home schooling isn't easy and it takes time to find a routine and method that works for your household. Whatever is happening in your home - don't give up!  Keep using the links on our home learning page, follow groups on fb and instagram if you use social media (suggestions also on our home learning page of some good pages to get you started), take a look at other sites like pinterest for new ideas and eventually you will find your groove! Keep going - you've got this!


P.S. Don't forget that it is alright to combine hands-on learning with online learning too!  Keep using the free access sites such as Twinkl, Help Your Monster To Read and Oxford Owl to download more activities, games and interactive resources.