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Phase 3

This week sees your child learn the last set of phase 3 letter sounds! Amazing!    As we said last week that doesn't mean it is the end of Phase 3 - it is a ten week programme which many children have to repeat twice as there is so much content and so many skills to combine and embed. There are also six more high frequency words to master too!


Keep going...and if you can please keep phonics a daily activity - it needs to be at the front of their minds daily to learn it in the anticipated time scales phonics is usually taught at. Keep it fun, pacey and don't be afraid to go off and do your own thing as well by finding or using your own resources on webpages suggested on our Reception Home Learning page such as Twinkl, Oxford Owl, MiniWriters club or other phonic websites or online blogs/pages if you would like to do more practise, revision or have simply the got the same phonics bug as Mrs Burkley! There is further info on 'routine ruts' at the bottom of this page in our weekly tips!



Phase 3 'air' pairs game word cards

A game that will no doubt take you back to your childhood! Simply print and cut out the cards, or if you are limiting your printing then cut up some paper and write the words on yourself from this document, turn them over and see if your child can find the matching pairs. They can only keep the matching pairs if they are able to read what it says correctly. This game can be played by one, two or three players.  You can extend the game by adding your own decodeable 'air' words that you may know.


Phase 3 Read and reveal 'air'

This may look familiar to you as we have given this game before for a different sound. You can do this on the computer without printing by cutting out squares and tacking with a product such as blu-tac (other products available!) onto the screen to hide the pictures.  Alternatively you can print the sheets, cut out the boxes and then fold the sheets over to hid the picture.  Your child has to read the words using the sound buttons to work out what the word says. You can then reveal the picture when they are right. Nice, simple and excellent reading practise!  This game is perfect for clearly showing your child 'sound buttons' and how three letters can make one sound in a word.


Phase 3 Circle that word air, ure, ear

This activity helps to focus children to hunt out the 'air', 'ure' and 'ear sounds within words. It promotes good reading practice and has a visual element to give clues. Some people mistakenly think that children should not be able to look at pictures or visual clues when learning to read and write, however this is in fact one of the important strategies children need to use when working within the Foundation Phase - especially in Reception, leading into Year One. If a child gets stuck allow them to try and piece it together using other tools available to them. This promotes independent learning.


Phase 3 Find and write the 'ure' words

An activity that has been given before for a different set of sounds so this should be familiar to your child. An activity differentiated three ways - page 3 is beginners, page 2 for those more comfortable working with phoneme frames and page 1 for those who are writing words without phoneme frames more readily. It doesn't matter which stage your child is at - just have a go. They will soon show you if it is too tricky or too easy and you can adjust your activity accordingly. To make this more fun why not use a felt tip, sparkly or gel pen!


Phase 3 Gold Bar game - ure

The children always enjoy this activity as it links to chocolate! Help Kit and Sam sort the chocolate pure gold bars. They are only allowed to eat the bars with a real word written on the wrapper! The first page is the sorting boxes (top box is for real words, the bottom box for nonsense words) and then the chocolate pure gold bars are on the following pages. You can print these bars so there are lots to one page - they don't need to be that big!


Phase 3 phoneme spotter 'ure'

Another familiar but lovely activity and chance to get out your highlighter or fancy pens which children love to do. You can do it however your child would most enjoy this activity, but we recommend going through the text belonging to each picture one at a time. Before reading the whole sentence highlight the 'ure' sounds you can find in sentences. Then your child can read the whole sentence paying particular attention to sounding out 'or' (e.g. c-ure) rather than sound it out as as individual letters (e.g. c-u-r-e).


Phase 3 Fixing the Rocker Reading Mini Book

This is a book which is fully decodeable (meaning that your child can sound these words out) and has sound buttons underneath taking some of the strain of reading those trickier sounds when first introduced to them. Once they have decoded all the words ensure that you go back through together and embed sentences for each will need them for the next part...


Phase 3 Fixing the Rocker Writing Mini Book

Having read the book (as outlined in the activity above) this is the chance for your child to get some sentence writing practice in which is an essential part of being able to apply phonics. You can see if your child recalls the sentence for the picture, or you can dictate this to them.  Don't worry about completing this book in one session - spreading it over a few days will have more impact on your child and lead to better enjoyment of the activity too!


Blending and Segmenting week 7 (Phase 3, Set 12) - words that you can use within your phoneme frames as well as cut up and use as flashcards and then practise with writing.

This is the last blending and segmenting set for phase three. After this week when you have finished learning the phase three sounds, you can mix all the different blending and segmenting sets you have been given and muddle them all up - a great way to rehearse all the sounds learnt throughout this phase.

This weeks HFWs are 'they', 'then', them'. Use the phase 3 sets you have had sent home, or you can find it to download here..

Phoneme flashcards for 'air' and 'ure' can be found on page 7. You have had these sent home but if you need another copy then you can access them here...

Week 7 - This week sees the last of the sounds within phase three, and as a result the last of the blending and segmenting words. We really hope that you have enjoyed learning these sounds and that you have found it a positive experience with your child.  It is not an easy process to teach your own child at home and we know that many of you may have found another week of home schooling challenging so take this moment to reflect on what you are doing and praise yourself for the positives and identify anything that you felt could have gone better to help going forward. For example, have you got a routine that engages your family and keeps everyone happy or having now been in lockdown for an extended period of time, do you feel like you have got into a routine rut?


Routine is great for many children as younger children in particular thrive on structure, but routine doesn't have to feel like its boring or repetitive - if it does you may be in a routine rut! If you have been able to establish a routine but are finding it tough or not stimulating for your child then don't be afraid to switch it up or tailor things more to your own child's way of learning. Spending ten minutes researching online with a cup of tea for other ideas that suits your child's learning style, looking for new interactive games or talking with other parents to share ideas you can use within your routine is time well spent in the long run if you are able to.  Every day in school we do phonics and follow the same routine and structure but we switch it up daily and use different activities and games to keep it fresh and fun. If you find yourself getting stalled or in need of a refresh don't be afraid to make little changes - it can make a big difference to not only your child, but to your own wellbeing too!  And if you haven't got a routine going at home, don't worry or stress about it - just do what you can in the way that works for your child and family. Health and wellbeing takes precedence!