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Phase 3

Last week was Phase 3 assessment!  By navigating back to this page you have concluded that your child is not yet ready to move to Phase 4 and needs to explore the Phase 3 programme further. 


If your child has only shown a few gaps within their Phase 3 knowledge then now is the time to focus on this until you feel the gaps has closed.  When you feel confident that these gaps have been addressed you can revisit the assessment page (week eleven) and if they have closed the gaps then you can begin Phase Four (you will need to start from week one which begins on the Year One Phonics Phase 4 page for the week beginning 29th June).  


As Phase 3 introduces so many new sounds and HFWs it sadly isn't manageable for us to provide you with recap activities for each letter sound which you may be focusing on. Please do not hesitate to resource your own as well as use the previous activities set during Phase 3 since school closed (look through the different week's pages on our Year One Home Learning page). This is a great time to have a look online for any new ideas which are specific to the sound or sounds that your child needs to embed. We have listed a few links below to help you get started.  For the next couple of weeks we will however post a few ideas or pieces of information that you may find useful to this stage in your child's phonic journey which we hope you will find useful to help bridge those gaps.


Whatever your child's outcome from the assessent we truly hope that you have enjoyed teaching Phase 3 phonics and the reward of seeing your child learn new skills that you have taught them...whether it be just a few sounds or most. Good luck with completing your Phase 3 journey!



Below are a list of websites and resources you may find helpful to support your child and bridge those gaps in their Phase 3 phonic knowledge/skills...