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Phase 4

Welcome to Phase 4!


Phase 4 lasts for just four weeks but is a very important step to take before Phase 5 and must not be missed out! It does not teach new letter sounds, but focuses on reading and spelling with letter sounds your child has learnt to date. It allows your child time to embed what they have learnt and focus on adjacent consonants which are blends and cluster sounds in words such as 'nt' in tent. Your child will look more at multisyllabic words (words that have two or more syllables in such as 'children'). Your child will still have new High Frequency Words as before, as well as key 'spelling' words to focus on. 


By the end of Phase Four children should be able to read and write confidently consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words such as cat, CVCC (e.g. tent, ball) CCVC (e.g. grip, trim) and some CCVCC words (e.g. trent, grump). The will be able to read some multisyllabic words by using a chunking method (splitting words up into manageable chunks) and spell them out. 


We have formed Parental Guidance to go with Phase Four Letters and Sounds and have attached this below as well as on the Reception Home Learning page. 


Even though this is a four week programme we will ensure that you have all of the programme's content by the end of the summer term so you can complete this phase in its entirety.   We hope that you continue to enjoy your phonics journey and CONGRATULATIONS on making it this far! 

Daily Planning...

To help you teach phase 4 we have sourced some simplified planning which you can do at home.  It follows the same structure as you have previously followed to help maintain routine and familiarity for your child.  Please use this alongside your high-frequency words flashcards and spelling words. 

The High-Frequency Words this week are 'said', 'so', 'went', 'from'. The spelling words are 'he'. 'she', 'we', 'me', 'be'.

Please find below a blends word mat covering all the possible blends your child may experience in this phase.

Don't forget!

There are a wide range of links to websites for phonics, as well as other activities, that you may like to use on the Reception Home Learning page. Some of these can also be found in the Letters and Sounds Guidance for Parents document. Take a look at these website links to provide additional interactive ways for your child to learn and practise their phonics.