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Phase 4

Week Two of Phase 4!


We hope that you enjoyed your first week of Phase 4 and that you found the planning and activities helpful. This week we are continuing with practising reading, spelling and writing CVCC/ CCVC words. Your child will need to look at more of the different blends to help them do this. You can find all the blends you can look at in Phase 4 on the sound mat given below.


Please also find below the home learning planning for this week. It follows the same format as last week with daily suggested activities and helps to give you a focus during Phase 4. Please continue to use this alongside your phonics flashcards from Phase 3 and High Frequency words taught to date.  Enjoy!

The High-Frequency Words this week are 'have', 'come', 'just', 'like', 'some'. The spelling words are 'was', 'you'.

Please find below the blends word mat covering all the possible blends your child will need to look at in this phase.

There are so many resources and things that you can use to help your child learn the different blends they will experience in Phase 4 if you would like to access more than we provide each week for you. To find something that you feel comfortable doing or able to resource then do in your home you can use some of the phonics links we have shared with you previously or use your preferred search engine using 'Phase 4 phonic activities' for ideas, games and online activities.