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You have now taught your child all of the new sounds introduced within Phase 3. The only new content introduced over the next three weeks are High Frequency Words.  The last three weeks are used as time to consolidate and revisit sounds that your child may have had difficulty with learning, as well as developing sentence work.  Many of the sounds in Phase 3 can be used on the day and/or week they are taught with some confidence but often when you revisit these in a different context these sounds can be confused or lost which is expected.


This week we would like your child to begin to learn how to tackle words with more than one syllable (polysyllabic words such as chimpanzee). Breaking down polysyllabic words is a skill as adults we use often but children at this age find challenging and need help in reminding to do it and how to do it. For shorter words we talk about 'chopping the word in half/down the middle', spotting little blocks of words within words, identifying sounds such as 'ng' or 'ing' at the end of words to break them down.


Here is a link about teaching polysyllabic words from Twinkl that you may find useful in teaching polysyllabic words...

The activities this week are based around polysyllabic words and building sentences.  These are only suggestions so should you find an alternative resource or method please feel free to use those too.  Have fun!

Use the following resources to help with reading sentences (including words that need breaking down) and to begin sentence work...

Phase 3 - Sentence Loop Cards

This game is like dominoes. Cut out each card. Your child has to read what the sentence says, many of these words are polysyllabic so you can practise your new decoding skills, and then match the sentence to the picture on another card. When completed it forms a loop.  It is a fun way to practise reading skills and children feel like it is a game rather than formal learning. 


Phase 3 Pets Sentence Unscramble

There are different pages all with different sentences and high frequency words on. You could try one a day during each phonics session if you find these helpful.  

Phoneme flashcards to help you practise daily. We post these each week for you but for in case you have mislaid your set you can access them here...

We hope you enjoy your phonics activities this week and enjoy taking on a new element within the phonics scheme of sentence work. You know what the phonics teacher says... a sentence a day keeps the phonics in play!!