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This is it! Our last week of Phase 3 phonics before we assess what your child has learnt, discovering their accomplishments and areas for development. Enjoy your last week of phase three phonic teaching. Again, no new sounds this week - just the final two high frequency words and building on aspects of sentence reading and writing. This week we have four new interactive games for your child to try - we have loved playing these at home!!  Have fun...

Phase 3 Sentence Reading Activity

A PowerPoint game with sentences your child should now be able to decode independently. Don't forget to allow your child to use the pictures as a strategy to help them if they get stuck on any words. 


Phase 3 Caption Cards - Read and Draw

Your child has to read the sentence in each box and draw a picture to go with it, e.g. 'Fish and chips' and your child would then draw a plate of fish and chips to match the sentence within the box.  Challenge your child to read these independently and draw the pictures before you help. At this stage with phonics we have to work hard for children to become more independent with their reading so that they are using the strategies they have been taught and not us!  The artists will love this activity!

Phoneme flashcards to help you practise daily. We post these each week for you but for in case you have mislaid your set you can access them here...

That's it! You've covered all of Phase 3 phonics!  Well done everyone...excellent work!