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This week's letter sounds are ... ow (as you would say when hurt - town, down), oi, ear, er


Before school closed we completed a phonics assessment on all the Year 1 children. We noticed that whilst many children recognised most of the phase 3 sounds they were not able to consistently apply their phonic knowledge to their reading and writing. It is important that these application skills are secure before moving onto new sounds.


If you cover the letter sounds this week and find that your child is confident identifying these sounds please still continue with the activities given below so that they have practice with applying the sounds. Challenge your child to write longer sentences as independently and accurately as possible. 


Year 1 spelling words are linked to the phonics so please remember to check that page too. Have a great week...

Please find below 2 activities per sound. Don't feel pressured to do all of the games, but please have a go at one activity per sound so your child has the experience of practising and applying. We recommend that you look at one new sound per day.  Have fun!


Circus Segmenting Game 'ow'

A hands-on activity game which is perfect for the outdoors, but can easily be played indoors too!  You will need a lightweight ball (if playing indoors) or something to throw safely between you. The instructions are on the sheet but it is a very simple game that we play in school and know that the children love. Enjoy!


Phase 3 Clowning Around with ow

A simple activity which those who love to colour will enjoy - all they have to do is read the words on the clowns juggling ball and if it has an 'ow' sound in it... colour it in! How many juggling balls does the clown have with 'ow' words written on it?  This should be done mostly independently by your child.


Phase 3 Coins in the Soil

This is a lovely activity that you can do outdoors. Cut out the coins and hide in a patch of soil or sand. If you don't have either then hide in your cereal packet!  Your child has to dig around for the treasure coins and they only get to keep the 'oi' sound coins. Can they identify the others that are in there too?


Phase 3 Break and Make Words 'oi'

Time for your child to be a word wizard! They can make their own words using the individual letter cards and then break them up again if they don't make a recognisable/real word. I wonder if they are able to make any more than those suggested within the activity?


Phase 3 Find and Write the 'oi' words

An activity differentiated three ways - page 3 is beginners, page 2 for those more comfortable working with phoneme frames and page 1 for those who are writing words without phoneme frames more readily. It doesn't matter which stage your child is at - just have a go. They will soon show you if it is too tricky or too easy and you can adjust your activity accordingly. To make this more fun why not use a felt tip, sparkly or gel pen!


Phase 3 Use Your Ears to Hear Game 'ear'

This is a fun physical activity that is perfect in the garden or indoors in the larger room in the house (with no breakables in sight - we recommend the use of a beach ball as it is so light if you have one stored away!).  This game doesn't need printing to help save on ink and all the instructions are on the document - you will love this as your child forgets that they are 'learning'!


Phase 3 Ear Words and Pictures

A nice and simple picture and words activity - look at the picture, find the right word and write it in the box! As it is a simple activity don't miss out on the opportunity to help with any tricky letter formations. 


Phase 3 Real or Nonsense words flashcards - er

Here are a set of flashcards that focus upon the 'er' sound. Some words make sense and are 'real', others can be sounded out and blended but make no sense and are 'nonsense' or 'rubbish' words.  Have a go at sorting them out into real or nonsense.  You don't have to print these out. Pull the words up on screen and get your child to write them down on a piece of paper that is split down the middle - one side with Real written at the top, and the other side titled Nonsense.


Phase 3 Spelling flower - er

This is a template of a flower. Ask your child to write the 'er' sound in the middle and see what 'er' sound words they can think of. Don't forget that 'er' is commonly found at the end of words! Once you have filled in your flowER then they can decorate it and display for all to see!

Phoneme flashcards for ow, oi, ear and er can be found on page 6.


Last week we touched upon making things as hands-on and creative as possible. It takes a lot of thought and time initially to get into this. Some things work well, and other activities can be complete disasters. Some lessons will be brilliant and you will feel motivated and inspired to look for new ideas, and some will leave you feeling deflated and frustrated but don't stress - we do understand and you are not alone!  


P.S. Don't forget that it is alright to combine hands-on learning with online learning too!  Keep using the free access sites such as Twinkl, Help Your Monster To Read and Oxford Owl to access activities, games and interactive resources.