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Polar Animals

Arctic Animals

Find out about some of the animals that live in the Arctic.  Can you and your grown up find out more about Arctic animals?  

The Antarctic

Lots of information but the pictures are interesting and might help with the sorting activity further down this page.

How to Make a Penguin

Find and Count the Polar Animals

Please help your child to form the numerals correctly.  Use a number line to copy or write them in yellow felt tip for your child to trace over.

Polar Bear Ordering and Measuring

If you choose to print these sheets out please cut them out.  Ask your child to order them from largest to smallest or smallest to largest.  Can your child draw more polar bears that are bigger or smaller than these and add them to the line?

If you choose to try measuring the height of the polar bears please stick them to a box so that your child is measuring height.  You could use anything of a regular size like duplo or lego.

Polar Regions Animal Sorting

Can you and your grown up sort these animals into sets of those that live in the Arctic and those that live in the Antarctic?  

The second page is editable so move the pictures until you think you are correct, then check the third page for the answers.

Activities using ice
This is one of our favourite activities, the children have to try to release the objects from the ice using whatever tools they have to hand. A lovely activity on a sunny day.  Put blocks of ice in the sun and some in the shade and see which blocks will be the easiest to get the objects from? Lots of science/descriptive vocabulary; water, ice, hard, cold, sun, warm, hot, shade, cool, cold, melt, liquid etc.  We usually freeze our polar animals in tuppaware boxes or balloons, I've even seen rubber gloves being used! You can use whatever objects you like. 
Polar Colouring Sheets

Counting Puzzle

Print out the sheets and cut up the pieces to make the game.  Carefully count the  polar objects and then match to the correct number.

Size Matching Actvity

Can you circle the object that is the same size as the first picture?

Cutting Skills Activity

Can you follow as close to the different lines with your scissors to get to the arctic animals? Remember thumb to the top, tuck your elbow in and move the paper, not the scissors! 

Pencil Control Sheets

Follow the pathway to get to the polar animal.  Remember to hold the pencil near the nib, using 'pinchy' fingers.