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Pond Wildlife

Pond Wildlife

Look at the photos below.  Can you name each creature or plant?  What can you find out about them? 

Have you ever visited a pond? And tried pond dipping?  Talk about how to keep safe safe near water.

Frog Lifecycle

We are a very lucky Nursery because we are given frogspawn every year so that we can watch the tadpoles emerge and grow.  We use information books to discover what they need to survive and we learn how to treat them with care.  

We learn about the frog lifecycle and paint pictures to help us to begin to understand it.  Below is a PowerPoint about tadpoles.  What else can you find out about frogs and toads?

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Sing along to this lovely song.  Can you make little frog puppets to jump into an imaginary pond?  Count how many frogs you have sitting on the log each time after one dives into the pool.

Pond Wildlife Themed Number Activities

One More or One Less

You can adapt this game to your child's needs. 

To make it easier you could count and match a small number of frogs to a written number or read the number first then put that many frogs on to the lily pad.



Look at these pictures of real ducks and their ducklings.  What can you see?  What is the nest made of?  How many eggs are there?  

Brenda's Boring Egg Storybook

Ask someone to read you this story.  Talk about the pictures.  What do you think will happen in the end?  Can you retell the story to someone else?

Brenda's Boring Egg Board Game

We play lots of games in Nursery to practise taking turns, to learn that we can't always be the winner so its important to be a good sport.  You don't have to print this game off but if you have other games at home try to play them regularly.

Recognising the number of dots on a dice without counting them is to begin to be able to subitize.  Keep playing and see if you can improve on the number of sides you recognise.


We Are All Different

Brenda was sad that her egg was different, but different is good and we should celebrate that.  Use these discussion cards to think of ways that you and all the people you know are different from each other.  Different is good - it makes you unique!

CBeebies - Tadpoles and Ducklings

Watch this programme (from 3:27) to see frogspawn, tadpoles and frogs in a pond.  Then we see ducklings hatching in a special incubator.  How do the children look after them?

Five Little Ducks

Sing along to this song.  Do you have any rubber ducks?  Can you find or make enough to be able to sing this song and make the little ducks go swimming?