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Road Safety

Junior PCSO's Rhiwbina Primary School.


We are very lucky to have two PCSO's in Rhiwbina - PCSO Stephen Westlake & PCSO Steven Tarrant


Here is a message from PCSO Stephen & PCSO Steven in relation to concerns raised by local residents and the teachers/staff at Rhiwbeina Primary about parking issues and road safety.

Local residents and members of Rhiwbina Primary School have raised some worrying issues around the school. The residents have also the local councillors through the PACT meetings and by emails. The issues raised were that parents and other members of the public are parking their vehicles on double yellow lines, single yellow lines and the Zig Zags. Residents and the school have also informed PCSO Stephen that vehicles are parking on the pavements, across resident's driveways and on the corners of the junction of Lon Y Dail and Heol Uchaf.  


Areas of concern are:-
Lon Uchaf and the corner of Lon Y Dail  and Coed Ceirios 

Types of Issues are:- 
Vehicles parking on the Zig Zags and the single yellow lines. 
Vehicles parking on the pavement causing obstructions. 
Vehicles blocking local resident's driveways.  

Prior to the Junior PCSO's starting 
PCSO Stephen attended the school where a number of cars were parking on the pavement and on the yellow lines. These drivers were given suitable advice and moved on.  Then he attended the rear of the school (Coed Ceirios) where there were a number of cars parking on the pavement on Coed Ceirios which blocked the whole pavement. Cars were also parking on the junction of Coed Ceirios and Heol Y Coed. The drivers of the vehicles were given suitable advice and moved on.   

Action Plan
Two of our Junior PCSO's will be taken out with PCSO Steven : on a rota basis. 

They will patrol the areas around the school and address the parking issues and PCSO Steven will be present at all times.

They will issue parking tickets to any vehicle causing an offence and they will also educate the parents on their parking. 

PCSO Steven will take a note of the vehicle reg, make, model and colour of the vehicle. 

If the vehicle is seen again PCSO Steven will issue a £30 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) to the repeat offender.   

If you would like to contact either of our PCSOs you can email on

or call me on my mobile:

07584 004111

or call me on my mobile:

07825 503427