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Habitat Detectives


What does the word habitat mean?


A habitat is the home of an animal or a plant. Almost every place on Earth—from the hottest desert to the coldest ice pack—is a habitat for some kinds of animals and plants. Most habitats include a community of animals and plants along with water, oxygen, soil or sand, and rocks.


What habitat do you live in? Could you survive in a different habitat?


Find out about different creatures that live in the water. How many different ‘water’ habitats can you think of? What is each habitat like? How are they similar? How are the different?

We have included some BBC Bitesize videos to help you with your fact finding.


What do the creatures in these habitats look like? How do they move? What do they eat?

How are the different creatures suited to the habitat they live in?

Could they survive in a different water habitat? e.g. Could a penguin live in a garden pond? Could a blue whale live in Roath Park lake?


Use craft and/or natural materials to create a ‘water’ habitat, You could even try to create your 'water habitat' in a plastic bottle and then fill it with water. How many different creatures can live in your habitat?


Happy habitat hunting!