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Our Super Senses


Our senses are what help us to understand and interact with the word we live in. We have five senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Watch the BBC Bitesize video clip ‘The Five Senses’.

Talk about how we use our senses. Which senses did you just use to watch the video? Which senses did you use to get dressed this morning? Which senses did you use to eat your breakfast?


Feely Bag Challenge:

Place an item inside a pillowcase. Ask your child to feel the item from the outside of the pillowcase before putting their hand in. Ask them to talk about and describe what they can feel. What senses are you using to work about what the item is? What sense are you not using? Are you using more than one sense at a time? Repeat this challenge by putting different items inside the pillowcase for your child to identify. You could ask your child to put an item in the pillowcase for you to guess - children love taking on the role of ‘teacher’ and can learn lots of skills from doing so. 


Senses Scavenger Hunt Challenge:

Now let’s use our senses to explore and discover some of the things that are around us. Using the ‘My Five Senses Scavenger Hunt’ worksheet, use your senses to hunt for objects inside your home, in your back garden or it would make a really fun activity for when you are out and about for your hour of daily exercise. If more than one member of the family completes a worksheet. Can you find different items for each box? There are 12 different sensory challenges. Happy hunting!

Senses Scavenger Hunt - Worksheet

Seaside Senses Challenge:

We can’t go to the seaside at the moment so let’s use our senses to help us imagine we are at the seaside. Close your eyes really tight and imagine you are on the beach, it could be a beach you visited on holiday or it could be one of the lovely beaches close to us that we are usually lucky enough to be able to visit. Use your senses to describe what you can see, hear, smell, touch and taste. There are 5 different boxes on the Purple Mash 2Do template, use a different box for each different sense and select a suitable clipart picture or you could import your own photos. Use the 'Think About' prompts to help you:

What can you see at the seaside? I can see ...

What can you smell? I can smell ...

What can you hear? I can hear ...

What can you taste? I can taste ...

What can you touch or feel? I can feel ...

Remember to write about each idea in a clear sentence that starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.

Can you think of more more than one example for each sense?

Let’s hope that soon we won’t have to imagine what the seaside is like because we’ll be able to go there and enjoy it for ourselves.


Happy exploring!