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Bug Hotel Challenge - Can you build it!


This week your challenge is to design and make a bug hotel. Have a look at these photos for ideas …

Bug Hotel Ideas

It doesn’t have to be a big luxury 5* hotel … some of the nicest hotels to stay in are small and friendly and we’re sure bugs feel just the same. Have a really good think and talk to a grown up about these 3 questions:

  • Why do bugs need hotels?

  • What makes a good bug hotel?

  • What minibeasts do you want to attract to your bug hotel?


Why do bugs need hotels?

In natural habitats there are lots of tiny nooks and crannies where minibeasts can live. Holes in bark or dead wood, piles of fallen leaves, gaps between rocks and hollow plant stems, all of these are great places for minibeasts to nest, escape predators or shelter from bad weather. When we look after our gardens we often tidy up these places!


What makes a good bug hotel?

The best bug hotels have lots of small spaces in different shapes and sizes and made from different materials. Some spaces might need to be dry inside and others a bit dampish. Bug hotels are best made from reclaimed materials, or natural objects. This reduces cost, helps them blend in with their surroundings and will be more inviting to your minibeast guests.


What minibeasts do you want to attract to your bug hotel?

Is there a type of minibeast you would like to have living in your garden or would you just like to create a happier habitat for the minibeasts that currently live there? Use all the amazing minibeast and habitat knowledge you have gained during this topic to help you, but you might need to find out more about them and where they like to live.


So now you’re ready to get designing. Chat to a grown up about where in your garden you are going to place your bug hotel. They don’t always have to be built on the ground; some bug hotels are designed to be hung from a tree. Remember it doesn’t have to be a big bug hotel. We have previously seen some brilliant bug hotels built out of recycled plastic bottles or tin cans.


What materials will you use? Have a think about the material you already have at home. When you start to look you’ll be amazed at all the things you have at home that can be used. It’s really important to reduce, reuse and recycle whenever we can. The following  materials could work really well in your design … old plant pots, milk cartons, plastic bottles, empty tins (make sure there are no sharp edges!), cardboard, egg boxes and newspaper.


Draw out your design on a piece of paper and then you can get building.


Top ‘Science’ Tip: 

Minibeasts are attracted to sugary things. So a few sugar cubes or spoonfuls of sugar are great for attracting guests to your bug hotel.


Scientists are very good at looking at what happens. Use the recording sheet to record observations of life in your bug hotel and identify changes over a few days.


observation sheet

We can’t wait to see how inventive you have been. Use the Purple Mash ‘Bug Hotel’ 2Do to share a photo of your bug hotel and write a sentence (…or 2!) to tell us all about it.


Good luck and we hope you have lots of fun designing and making your very own Bug Hotel!