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Science and Technology Tasks Week 10

What do we already know about growing healthy plants from seeds? 
Look at the growth of your beans in a bag so far. Are there any beans that are thriving more than others? Can you work out why? Maybe more sunlight or warmth? Maybe some beans have been allowed to get a little too dry? 


Today you will be growing your own cress and will be planting it today to eat it in two weeks!


Can you predict what will happen to the cress seeds?
(Questions they should think about are: how long will it take for the seeds to start to grow? How long until the cress is fully-grown? How big do they think the cress will be when it is fully-grown?)


Take a look at the time lapse clip of cress growing. Were your predictions correct? You won't be able to see your cress grow quite like the video, but that it does grow quite quickly, so it is worth looking for changes every morning and after the weekend.

Time Lapse - Garden Cress

Encourage the scientific vocabulary when describing what they are doing, including the word 'germination'. Ask them to talk about what the seed needs for germination to occur and for the plant to grow. Explain that the cress needs to be in a warm place for germination to happen.


Place one Cress Head in a cupboard and predict what will happen to it.
How long do you think it will take for the cress to grow long enough to eat?

Will you be able to grow cress better than your Teachers? 
What would we eat it with?
What do you think it will taste like? 
What do you think it contains that makes it a good food for us to eat?

How can you record your results?
Will you use pen and paper?
Will you take photos or make a video?
Will you use Purple Mash or JIT MIX?
Pob lwc Year 2!

This week the designing and making is over to you. Your challenge is to create a new piece of clothing made from recycled materials.

Will you make..
A cardboard tie?

A skirt made from recycling bags?

Cardboard slippers?

A bracelet made from bottle tops?


The possibilities are endless!

We can't wait to see the results. 

Take a photo or video of your outfit and fashion show and upload to your j2homework folder. 


Here are some pictures to give you a few ideas to get started.