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Science and Technology Tasks Week 4

Let’s make a start by revising our understanding of forces. What is a force?–  power, energy, speed, etc.
Explore all the different ways that forces can make things happen by playing a game called “Furious Forces.”

How to play Furious Forces

A team game that will get children exploring how forces can move or change the

movement of an object.

You will need

  • A bag of mixed items for each group of player  (ideally slightly more items than there are children in the group)
  • The items should comprise a range of everyday objects, e.g. toy vehicles, balls of different sizes and materials (e.g. ping pong, foam, tennis, beach, football), pull along toys, rubber bands, bulldog clips, beanbags, pencil case with zip, spectacle case,rulers, rubbers, scissors, calculators, screw top pots or bottles, coins, any other safe gadgets or tools)
  • A sheet of paper and pen per player
  • 30 rectangles of card large enough to write words for display, e.g. 5 X 20cm
  • A flipchart marker pen, sticky tack

How to play

  • Give each player a bag of items, a piece of paper and a pen.
  • Explain to the players that they will have 3 minutes to write down lots of different ways that a force can move, or change the movement of an object from their bag.
  • Each way will be an action (an imperative verb), e.g. press, roll, bounce, throw, catch.
  • Explain that the more they can think of, the better their chance of winning the game!
  • Each player must write all the verbs/actions down.
  • Point out that each item may give you many verbs (e.g. you could squash, roll, throw or kick a ball) so keep thinking!
  • Start the game with –Ready, steady, go! And time the 3 minutes. Encourage the players to handle the objects and give a - 30 seconds left warning.
  • After the allocated 3 minutes shout – Stop!
  • Ask they players  to share their words.


Together look at all the words you have collected. All these verbs describe a force acting on an object. Which forces can make things move?  Kick, throw, roll are good examples. Which forces can slow things down, stop them or change their direction?  Catch, deflect, tap and stop, are examples. Which can change the shape of something?  Squash, stretch, press and even squidge are examples. 


Almost all these forces can be divided into either a push or a pull. You push something away from you (demonstrate with a hand action) and you pull something towards you (use a hand action once again). Is a throw a push or a pull? – get the children to mime the action. Use the video to take a look at some other examples of pushes and pulls – discuss the different ways they saw forces (pushes and pulls) at work. 

Pushing and Pulling.mp4

Still image for this video

videoplayback (1).mp4

Still image for this video

For our STEAM activity this week, we are racing Lighting McQueen (or race car of your choice) to see if we can win the race!

STEAM represents the combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.


Watch the video below to help you with your challenge. 


Build several different ramps using different materials... you could even build them outside! Which material will help your race car win the race?

Test the ramps. Time how fast the race car travels down each ramp.

Measure the distance each car travels.

Redesign your ramp to make it even faster... don't forget to send us pictures!


Which ramp is the fastest? Why is it the fastest?

Which car traveled the furthest distance?

What happens if you raise or lower the ramp?


STEAM Links:

Science: Do the race cars slide or roll down the ramp? What other objects roll or slide down the ramp?

Technology: Use a stopwatch and measuring tape to determine which car is the fastest and which car travels the furthest distance.

Engineering: Build a ramp that can help your race car win the race.

Art: Cover your ramp in paper and drop paint down the ramp. What happens?

Maths: Measure the distance of how far your car travels. Which car traveled the farthest?

You could even design your own car using Purple Mash- take a look at your 2Dos.


Cars 3 Driven to Win.mp4

Still image for this video