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Science and Technology Tasks Week 6

Paper Bridges STEM Activity.mp4

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We are going to put all our learning to the test. You have all become brilliant at thinking like scientists. You are going to design and build a bridge strong enough to hold at least one toy car. Remember - think, listen and talk to each other before you do anything…your adults may have some good ideas!  You may think this is just like your paper tower challenge, but this time it will not just be the type of paper you choose but also the folding and shapes you make with the paper that will make it stronger. Draw your design on paper first and then start to build your bridge.

Parents: Limit the use of tape in the construction. It shouldn't be supporting the bridge to the point where it is contributing to its strength. Act as Tape Police and go around the bridges making sure the tape is used correctly (for sticking pieces together but not wrapped around and around large sections of the bridge).

When you have finished predict if it will be strong enough for the car. Then test your bridge…… good luck!


Key Vocabulary: strong, tear, rip, weight, rigidity, flexibility, concertina, material, properties

Can you make your own car?
How will it be powered?
Will you use lego, junk modelling or your Purple Mash car that you designed?
Can you race people in your house and win?
Will your car be able to carry a load or will your bridge be able to hold your car?

Make a toy car from a plastic bottle