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Seaside Senses - Purple Mash 2Do Activity

Seaside Senses


There are lots of things we are missing at the moment but being able to go on holiday or to the seaside are two things that we are really missing! Where do you like to go on holiday? Why? 


Whatever the season or weather the seaside is a fun place to visit and explore. Maybe you could find some photos of you on the beach. Talk to your grown up about the different things that you like doing at the seaside.

Do you like building sandcastles? Jumping in the waves? Exploring rockpools? Flying a kite? Eating ice cream? 


Now grab yourself a drink and a snack (... or maybe an ice cream!) and head off to the beach with either Barnaby Bear or Mr Tumble or if you like you could watch both videos!

BBC Schools Barnaby Bear Goes To The Seaside

Something Special Out and About - Mr Tumble At the Beach

WOW! Isn't the seaside full of surprises! There is always so much to do and see. We would like you to use your senses to tell us all about the seaside. Talk to your grown up about your ideas for each of these senses sentences ...

I can see ...

I can smell ...

I can hear ...

I can touch ...

I can taste ...


As you are sharing ideas encourage your child to 'write' them down on a piece of paper. Continue to support your child to listen for the sounds they can hear in each word and help them to break them down. We always try to encourage children to record their ideas regardless of their writing ability to encourage mark-making and to enable their writing development. If your child is finding recording letter shapes a challenge please don't worry - simply let them record their ideas using their own 'writing'.


If your child is a confident communicator and seeks a further challenge then why not begin adding adjectives to the descriptions? We call these 'WOW words' in Nursery as they make our work exciting! For example, instead of saying 'sea' your child could think of words that describes it e.g. 'deep blue sea' or 'salty sea'. You will need to talk about what 'WOW words' are and come up with lots of examples together to help your child begin to understand what these words are and how to use them. 


Now it's time to log into your Purple Mash account and access your 'Seaside Senses' 2Do. Ask your grown up to type your ideas into each of the text boxes. Don't forget to use your 'WOW words! You then need to create a picture to match each of your senses sentences. Click on the + button in the picture box to select a seaside background and drag and drop clipart from the menu on the right hand side. Remember if you can't find the clipart image you are looking for there are lots more categories to look through!