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Sort, Match and Classify

Animal Sorting

We love these types of tasks because the children often have some really good reasons for their decisions.  I'd encourage you to think of this task more as a 'Thinking Skills Challenge', talk about their ideas and help them to develop the vocabulary to express those ideas. 

How Many Legs?

As (almost) always this activity is best carried out practically (with toy animals!) but very enjoyable if you choose to print the sheets too.

Same and Different

Mastering the concept of same and different is incredibly important for a child's understanding.  Here are a few ideas to help to develop your child's cognizance:

  • Play matching games like snap, pairs or lotto.
  • Ask your child to help match patterned and colourful socks.
  • Play 'Odd One Out' - using everyday items ask your child to point to the one that is different (spoon, fork, spoon/ apple, apple, orange) 

Animal Snap

Play this interactive game, click on the mouse when you see 2 animals that are the same. 

Matching/Memory Games

We've had lovely feedback that the children are enjoying these games set as 2dos on Purple Mash. To enjoy these further and without having to submit, we've added links to more matching games for your children to play whenever they choose!

Jigsaw Puzzles

We have also had comments about the children enjoying the jigsaws. Below are links to a variety of puzzles.

If you would like a challenge, then try these really tricky puzzles!