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Jingle Jangle Jungle

Jingle Jangle Jungle


The jungle is a really exciting place to explore and it is full of lots of different sounds.


What different jungle sounds can you make? Can you roar like a lion? Can you trumpet like an elephant? Can you snap like a crocodile? or maybe you can hiss like a snake?

Watch these 2 animal sounds videos and join in by copying as many of the sounds as you can. You will recognise some of the animals but there might be some you have never seen before. Which was your favourite animal?

Jungle Animals Names and Sounds

African Animals Names and Sounds

Those were great animal sounds! You must be tired from leaping around the jungle, why don't you get yourself a glass of water and a snack and watch this video because Raa Raa the Lion and his jungle friends want to play a tune but they have a problem! 

Raa Raa The Noisy Lion - The Right Sound

So Huffty managed to find the right sound. Not too big ... not too small ... not too  squeaky and not too bubbly. We'd like you to make a musical instrument so that you can join in with the animals playing their tune. With your help we're sure it will be an extra jingly jangly jungle. 

Below are some photos if you need a bit of help thinking of an idea for your musical instrument. Websites such as Pinterest also have a fantastic selection of ideas and tutorials if you need further help.


Don't forget to take a photo or record a short video of you playing your instrument and upload it to your 'My Work' folder on Purple Mash. Happy musical instrument making!!!

WOW! What a lot of noisy fun you have had. Here are some more jungle themed musical activities that you might like to explore ...

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