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Our spelling scheme follows our phonics programme. For those of you who are ready to move on to Phase Four you will find a new set of spelling words and high-frequency words below.


If you have made the decision to recap and focus on particular letter sounds then you will need to revisit the spellings and sounds from the previous week's spelling pages on our Year One Home Learning page. Use these words and spellings as a way to help you make accelerated progress to move onto Phase Four phonics. Please do not move onto the words or spellings below until you have started Phase Four phonics as this makes your child's learning complex and needlessly challenging. Thank you for your understanding. 


Within Phase Four we ask for you to learn to spell the words in the spelling list below individually. We then ask your child to write a sentence for each, making sure to spell the focus words in context accurately.  You will find the sentences for you to write on the high-frequency and spellings document below. 


This week's spelling list...




This week's high-frequency word list...    (Set 18)







Have fun!

You can use the following template to help you practise your spelling words individually...