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Spelling now works with our phonics teaching. We look at both High Frequency Words (HFWs) and words based on the letter sounds that we have been learning that week.  


Below are the two documents which your child would have had sent home each week. 


Blending and Segmenting sets - these are designed to be cut up and shuffled each time you use them so children don't learn them by rote as children quickly tend to do. First your child needs to be able to sound out and blend the words independently.  There is more information on blending and segmenting within the guidance document for parents in Letters and Sounds Phase 3 (see phonics).  


High Frequency Word Flashcard sets - these are also designed to be cut up and used as flashcards to help teach your child by recognition the high frequency words. First your child needs to be able to recognise these, without sounding out, independently. 


Once you have used the Blending and Segmenting sets and High Frequency Words Flashcard sets we then ask you to use all the words in both sets as your words for spelling.  You can practise spelling via 'Look, Write, Cover, Check' as you have been having throughout the year.  A template for you to use if you would like has also been uploaded for you below...