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Light Story Activities


This is  short film about a young inventor called Charly and her robot assistant Bob-e. 
At the start of the film we see Charly try and fail to produce a new eco-friendly generator.  It takes many attempts and a little help from Bob-E in order to get the machine running.


Track the characters' feelings through the story and describe them.

Describe Bob-e. Remember to use your 2Ad and LLL Sentences.

Design your own robot helper.  Do they have any special features/tools.

Write conversation between Charly and Bob-e. You could video your conversation and upload it to j2homework.

Create a diary/journal in role of Charly. How does she feel? What different things did she try each day?

Write a news report detailing the events from the point of view of someone who witnessed it but doesn't know about Charly. 

Create a formal letter of complaint about Charly and her 'strange' helper from one of her neighbours. Are they making too much noise?

Create your own generator and write instructions for how to build it. What will you use to power the generator?