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Summer Term Week 12 - w/c 13th July *** THIS WEEK's ACTIVITIES ... and OUR LAST WEEK IN YEAR 1! ***

Gosh Year 1! We can’t believe we are in the last week of our time together in  Year 1. It only seems like a few weeks ago that we started our Year 1 journey. We have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you all this year and we are sad that the year was cut far too short. It has been a privilege to teach you as you are all so different and special. We are so proud to have been your teachers. You have made us laugh and smile, amazing us every day with your enthusiasm, your achievements and your thirst to learn new things. Thankfully we have been given these last few weeks to catch up, encourage each other and wish each other the best for next year … WOW!!! YEAR 2 ALREADY!!!


We really hope you will have happy memories of your time in Year 1. Making new friends and learning new skills. Being History Detectives, finding out  how shopping and toys have changed over time and  searching for clues about dinosaurs in the Museum. Being super Scientists finding out about how our bodies work, investigating forces and exploring the world around us looking for Minibeasts. Causing a Commotion in the Ocean and showing how much you care about our wonderful world. Solving puzzles and clues to help King and Queen Sparkle get all the colours of the rainbow back to make Sparkleland beautiful again! 


Keep having fun, keep playing and laughing and keep believing in yourselves.It has been lovely to see your smiles as you grow in confidence and learn new skills. Keep trying your hardest, keep giving of your best but most of all keep enjoying your learning.


Have a wonderful summer and fingers crossed that you will get to do some of the many things that you have been dreaming of doing during lockdown.


Take care and stay safe


Parents … Thank you for your continued support this year and what a year it has been! 


Thank you for everything you have done to support and encourage your child on their learning journey. In particular your willingness and adaptability to embrace the home learning activities we shared with you. All of our lives have been turned upside down over the last few months … and it has been a real rollercoaster of emotions and experiences.


You have always had an important part to play in your child’s education but this year you took that to a whole new level and as we handed over the baton to you, you grasped it in both hands and ran with it. We’re used to spending our days doing crazy creative things but you stepped up to the mark and helped us continue to enthuse that love of learning that we all feel so passionate about. 


Whilst we know how hard it has been, we hope that some of the home learning activities have allowed you to share some special time and experiences with your child … and hopefully not too many tears, tantrums or sulks!


And please remember the learning that has taken place over the last few months has been so much more than the home learning activities we have been able to share with you. Bike rides, board games, movie nights, pyjama days, hanging washing on the line, tidying bedroom, negotiating not to tidy bedrooms, walks in the woods, cooking, talking to neighbours, clapping for carers … all these will have nurtured and developed your child immensely. Hopefully in time we will recognise and take strength from the positives and not be preoccupied with the challenges. 


The end of any school year always brings a real mixture of emotions and those emotions are certainly heightened this year. It will be so hard to say goodbye …. a goodbye that will be spread out over 4 days with our different Bubbles. It will be so hard not to give them one last hug, high five or oh so cool fist pump! But we have every confidence that our Lockdown classes of 2020 will continue to amaze us as they spread their wings and fly into Year 2. 


Thank you for everything you have done to help us. Your messages, kind words, smiles and socially distanced waves have been much appreciated.


We hope you all have a happy and sunny summer holiday. 


The Year 1 Team



*** To avoid you having to send a letter into school we have set a ‘Book Request’ 2Do on your child’s Purple Mash account for those of you who would like to request your child’s school books. Books can only be sent home on your child’s last ‘Bubble’ day and can not be collected from school at a later date. For those of you requesting books could you please send in a carrier bag with your child as the books are rather big and heavy and probably won’t fit in their school bag! Thank you!