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Summer Term Week 8 - w/c 15th June

Hello Year 1,


Welcome to another week of minibeast activities. We hope that you are well, happy and have had a good weekend. 


This week we are going to learn even more about what makes a minibeast a minibeast. You’re going to have the chance to show us what you’ve found out in the 2Do minibeast fact file. 


In maths we are going to learn about telling the time and months of the year, which is helpful because we’ve just learnt that it’s time for the Bug Ball! Wriggle over to Health and Wellbeing to join in with the bugs and sequence some dance moves. 


Have you found many minibeasts on your walks or explorations in your garden? Would you know how to tell a deaf person that you have found them? This week’s ‘Wellbeing’ activity will teach you how to sign minibeast names. 


When you’re feeling creative this week, you can make your own minibeast art out of natural materials, then design your dream garden and tell us all about it in your Dream Garden 2Do.


Enjoy your week Busy Bees!


The Year 1 team


Parents ...

Next week, the children are going to have the chance to make no sew sock caterpillars or worms. For this activity they will need 

  • 1 old sock, 

  • 5 elastic bands, hair bobbles (or string to tie), 

  • something to stuff the sock with (old material/newspaper will do)

  • An extra could be pipe cleaners,  or something to make an antennae and legs for the caterpillar. We’re aware you may not have this around the house so your child can make a worm. It isn’t essential. 

Many thanks, 

The Year 1 Team