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Sut Mae'r Tywydd Heddiw - Purple Mash 2Do activity

What is the weather today?


In this week's story book 'Lost and Found', when the boy and penguin were travelling to the South Pole, they saw 'good weather and bad'. In Wales we have lots of different weather! What would you say was good weather? What would you say was bad weather?


What is the weather like today? What was it like yesterday? What do you think the weather will be like tomorrow?

How do we know what the weather is going to be like?

Talk to your child about how we can check the weather on the internet or by watching a weather forecast.

You might find the links below helpful.

Sesame Street: Grover Weather Monster

Weather forecasters use symbols to show different weather. What weather do you think these different symbols are showing?
Can you keep a record of the weather for a week? The links below might be helpful.

Weather Purple Mash 2Do Activity

It's time to log into your Purple Mash account and access your 'Weather' 2Do. Can you use the paint tools and templates to design your own set of weather symbols?


There are lots of different colours to use and remember you can change the size of the brush you are drawing with using the slider in the bottom left corner. When you have finished your weather symbols, drag across the weather words to label the different symbols you have designed. In the left hand corner of your 2Do page you will see 'Abc'. Talk to your grown up about what your favourite type of weather is and ask them to type your sentence for you here. Happy weather work!

Sut mae'r Tywydd Heddiw?


Great weather work so far! Can you now explore the PowerPoint below to learn how to say the different weather names in Welsh!

We enjoy singing lots of different Welsh songs in Nursery and regularly practise the song 'Sut mae'r Tywydd Heddiw' helping us to learn how to ask, 'What is the weather today?'

Practise singing along with these children as they pretend its sunny, then windy, then raining!

Can you use the symbols and sing different verses of Sut mae'r Tywydd Heddiw?

'Sut mae'r Tywydd Heddiw?'

Welsh Pronunciation Support for Parents ... below is a slightly uninspiring but very clear short video demonstrating the correct pronunciation for asking and answering in Welsh the question, 'What is the weather?'

Welsh Beginners - Sut mae'r Tywydd?

Weather Challenge ...

To further practise your weather watching skills you might like to play this weather bingo game. Can you challenge yourselves to say some of the weather words yn Cymraeg!