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The Farmer's in a Muddle!


Oh dear! The Farmer has been trying to put her animals in row and now they are all muddled up. Can you help her by cutting out the animal pictures and continuing the repeating patterns?

If you don't want to print these pictures then look around your house for other objects to practise repeating patterns with.  Perhaps you could use cutlery and make this pattern: spoon, fork, spoon, fork, spoon...  Or you could try using fruit (apple, orange, banana, apple, orange, banana...) 


When you are out on a walk with your adult try making a pattern like this: jump, hop, big step, jump, hop, big step...


Can you make a pattern using animal noises?  Try baaaaa, mooooo, baaaaa, mooooo, baaaa....


How many different repeating patterns can you create?