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Today's activity is...High Frequency Word Recognition – Roll, Read and Write


For this activity you will need a dice. You may already a dice in a board game, you can find a printable dice online, or make your own using a tissue cube or cereal box. 


Every week in our Letters and Sounds phonic lessons the children are introduced to a set of high frequency words, of which some are sight words (commonly referred to as tricky words). These are words that cannot be sounded out and blended meaning that they have to be recognised through sight alone. Children notoriously find these words the hardest to retain. Today's activity is designed to reinforce and embed these tricky words, encouraging your child to recognise, read and write them.


We have provided templates for both phase 2 and phase 3 below. We would suggest that even if your child is currently on phase 3 that you also play the phase 2 version to reinforce those tricky words previously learnt.


Your child will need to roll the dice, each face corresponds to one of their tricky words. Upon rolling the dice ask them to read the word that matches the number they have landed on. Once identified, they can then write this word in the correct row. Continue until all the boxes have been written in. Which tricky word will be the winner and completed first and which will be last?!  If you want you can include some cross-curricular numeracy and use ordinal numbers - first, second, third etc.

Need a stepping stone?

Each of the templates contains six words. If your child finds recognising these challenging another 3 templates have been attached containing only two of the phase 2 tricky words. This will allow your child to have more repetition giving them a greater chance of recognition and ability to retain these words.

Need a further challenge?

If your child is recognising all of the tricky words with ease. Ask them to roll the dice and write a sentence containing the corresponding word. Don't forget to include finger spaces, full stops and challenge with a capital letter too!