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Labelling your superhero outline!


During Monday’s art activity your child was asked to draw an outline of their superhero and to add special features such as special clothing/uniform, gadgets etc.


For today’s writing activity we would like your child to add to their art work by giving their superhero a name and labelling the special features they placed on the outline. As this is a new skill for the children it may be useful for you to draw a line at the top of the page for the name and lines next to each feature as this will give your child clear direction and will encourage them to continue to position each letter correctly.


Top tip! When writing the name of your superhero remind your child that names always start with a capital letter.


If your child is a confident writer and communicator and seeks a further challenge then why not begin adding adjectives to your labels? We call these 'wow words' in Reception that makes our writing exciting! For example, instead of writing 'laser pen' your child could think of a word that describes it as 'sparkling laser pen' or 'dazzling laser pen'. You will need to talk about what 'wow words' are and come up with lots of examples together to help your child begin to understand what these words are and how to use them.