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Following on from your child's literacy work on Supertato we thought your child would like to create their own superhero from a vegetable or fruit of their choice! Ask them to choose a medium to large fruit or vegetable for their new Superhero body.  Discuss what features they would need to have and what they will need to make them. There are a variety of photographs attached below for them to look at and get some ideas from. 


Suggested resources:

  • Googly eyes, sweets, raisins, peas
  • Pipecleaners for limbs
  • Paper, card or scraps of material (old socks, ribbons etc) for a cape, utility belt, mask
  • Sequins, gems or glitter (to 'bling' them up if wanted!)
  • Other small fruits or veg can be cut up such as  strawberries, kiwi fruit can be used for hats, shoes etc
  • Glue, tape and/or cocktails sticks to attach features to the body.


Let them go wild with their imagination and when it's finished, ask them to think of a suitable name.  (It could be just the obvious Superbroc or Supermelon but they may be even more creative!

Please take a photograph to upload to Purple Mash and keep one safe to use for the following week's literacy activity! 


Need a Stepping Stone?

The children can use a potato and copy Supertato, maybe just changing the colour of the mask and cloak.


Need a Further Challenge?

Can they find a way of adding limbs to their superhero? Can they make it stand up? Can they make gadgets for them?