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Today's activity is story writing!


Following yesterday's storyboard activity we would like your child to write their story using a series of sentences in line with their pictures. Begin with looking over the pictures they have drawn and recapping over their ideas. Taking one picture at a time try to compose an achievable sentence together. Don't worry if the words are challenging to write - as long as they stretch the word and write down all the sounds they can hear then that is fine, simply annotate above or below the word in smaller writing so it can be read by your child's teacher and family members they choose to share it with. Remember we don’t expect to see the correct spelling at this stage of writing, and using their phonic sounds is perfect! Please continue to support and encourage the use of capital letters, full stops and finger spaces where appropriate and able.


We have attached below a sound mat if you haven't already taken yours from the phonics section on our Reception page of the website. 


You can turn your superhero story into a real book if you would like by creating a cover for it and using the half-lined templates below. Alternatively your own paper at home will work beautifully too! We can't wait to hear all about your superhero adventure!

Need a stepping stone?

If your child used the 2 picture template yesterday then you will have pictures that are very focussed. Compose each sentence to be as simple as possible therefore making writing the sentences achievable. Continue to encourage your child to listen for the sounds they can hear in each word and help them to break them down. If they are not able to recall the letter shapes from memory we have provided a sound mat above where they can look for the letter they need and copy it down. We always try to encourage children to record first regardless of their writing ability to encourage mark-making and to enable their writing development. If your child is finding recording letter shapes a challenge please don't worry - simply let them try to record first and then underneath work together with yellow pen so they can overwrite if needed, or with the sound mat together recording each letter whilst talking through the formation with them. 


Need a further challenge?

Why not challenge your child to include a few speech bubbles throughout their story. These can be placed onto the pictures showing what characters may be saying. Don't forget to include some 'wow' words (adjectives) if they are feeling confident!