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Everyday Heroes

We've spoken a lot about different Superheroes, their powers and the way they can help others.  The children have had fun pretending to be superheroes, designing HQs, capes, cuffs and slippers and thinking about what superpowers they would like to have. But we have to remind them that there are everyday heroes around them who help us in many ways. Can they think of any jobs that help others? (police officers, firefighters, doctors, dentists, astronauts, scientists...)  

Is there anybody in their life who they would consider a hero, why? 

If they couldn't be a superhero when they grow up, which everyday hero would they like to be instead? Can they give reasons? 


Need a stepping stone?

If your child is finding it hard to think of jobs that help others, there is a power point attached below.  Click on the star next to each slide and the squares start disappearing to reveal a different everyday hero.  Can your child guess who they are before all the squares have gone? Talk about each person's job and the ways in which they help others. 


Need a further challenge? 

Can your child draw a picture of an everyday hero? It could be them as the hero, dressed in the uniform or it could be of the person who they feel is a hero to them. 


Can your child create a thinking map of all the everyday heroes they can think of? Put the title of 'Everyday Heroes' or 'People Who Help Us' in the centre and draw, or have a try at labelling the heroes around the outside.  They could even find pictures of the jobs from the internet, print them out and stick them on the map. 


An example of a bubble map is attached below.