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Superhero Superfood Snacks

Emergency! The superheroes at HQ are going to run out of their energy and power bars very soon as the chef who makes them has had to go into isolation!!  Can you create your own Superhero Superfood Snack to help them keep their strength and energy levels up?


Ask your child to think about what food they consider 'superfoods'; which ingredients are considered healthy and would be good to include in a recipe for an energy/power bar?. (fruits, yoghurt, seeds, honey and nuts for example)  Help them to research by looking through the kitchen cupboards, looking through recipe books and searching the internet.   Can you help them to  make a list of the ingredients they have found that they consider superhero worthy? Then help them to research recipes for healthy snack bars and decide on a recipe that they like but can alter and make their 'own'.   There are photos of examples below.


We would love to see photographs of your child whilst making their Superfood Snacks and of the finished article, so remember to upload them to Purple Mash! 


Today's  literacy task will be linked to this activity.