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Today is writing your 'Superhero Recipe'


Today you have been asked to create a superhero superfood snack on our 'Across the Curriculum' page. We would like your child to write their own recipe for their creation so that other superheroes can make it and enjoy them too.


As recipe writing is a new style of writing which your child has not yet experienced, we have included some easy recipes for you to look at with your child as examples to highlight the required elements which clearly show lists of ingredients and method writing. You can also take a look at recipes in your own child's cookbooks at home too if you have any to give a real-life context and experience too. 

Writing is often best when your child has experienced what they are writing about. We suggest that you write your recipe once you have made your superhero power bar or healthy snack. You can of course write your ingredients list as you weigh and prepare it. Below is a template for your recipe writing. 


If possible, it is a really helpful to take photographs throughout the different stages of making their product. These photographs will act as a prompt and remind your child of what they had to do when writing the method. Plan each sentence before you record, encouraging your child to use appropriate instructional vocabulary throughout, such as pour, stir, mix etc. We have provided a helpful word card to help with this.

Need a stepping stone?

You may feel that writing a whole recipe is a little challenging for your child if they haven't yet developed their writing stamina. If so we have provided an alternative template. We would still like your child to write a list of the ingredients they need for their recipe but in the box below we would like them to write a sentence about how their product tasted.

Need a further challenge?

After completing their recipe, you could challenge your child to write a few sentences about why their product is healthy for superheroes on the provided template. Consider what healthy ingredients you have used. For example - How will they help the superhero? They might help to make their muscles strong. If carrots have been used they could help them to see in the dark. etc.