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Making teen numbers using 10p and 1p coins!


First of all...don't panic! If you don't have real coins in your house for this activity you can make some or print some off (see document below 'Printable coins')! In a lockdown I am sure many of you have reverted to contactless payments!


Using number cards 10 to 19, lay these cards out at random on the table or floor. Introduce your child to  the 10p coin and the 1p coin. We have covered money this term so many children will be familiar with these coins, however it is a tricky skill to master so they may need support to correctly identify these initially.  Explain that each of the cards on the floor are made up of 10 and some more, in this case 10 and some ones. Model that 12 is made up of one ten (putting the 10p coin down underneath the digit one) and two ones (putting two 1p coins under the digit 2). Then talk it through again saying "12 is one ten and two one's" whilst pointing to the one and then the two. You can also make a point with the number 10 showing that zero means no one's.

It may seem tricky at first but this is a game which once you get started and get in the flow of it then you will both find a rhythm and your child's level of independence will grow.  Keep choosing different teen numbers to make at random.  If your child finds this challenging then begin by ordering the number cards 10-19, then starting at 10 and completing one at a time working up to 19. This way your child will start to see a pattern of the ones getting bigger as the number gets bigger.


You can also complete this activity outdoors if you have a dry day, some chalk and real coins so they won't blow away!


Want to carry on...?

If you want to continue with developing this skill today and have time then why not set up a shop? Find different objects, make price tags (with only teen numbers!) and play shops! In class we take it in turns to be the shopkeeper and the customer. This way your child gets the experience of reading the price tag to the customer and checking the amount, and as a customer they have to count it out accurately. 



Need a stepping stone?

If your child is finding teen numbers and the activity above challenging then we suggest you have a go at matching amounts of one pence coins to amounts first. This will be a great stepping stone to tens and some ones.  Below is a game that you can. Simply cut out the boxes of both amounts and coins, then start matching them together! You can then do this game again with real 1p coins if you have them. 

Need a further challenge?

For those children who are confident recognising and making teen numbers with 10p and 1p coins then we would ask your child to begin exploring other ways that they can make those teen numbers using a 10p coin and 1p, 2p or 5p coins.  This will get your child using number bond knowledge, developing mental addition, as well as develop their coin value knowledge.  The printable coins document above will give you these coins to print off if you do not have any of the real coins.