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Design & Technology

Discuss with your child how different Superheroes change from their everyday clothes into their Superhero outfits e.g. Superman uses a telephone box and Batman stores his in a special room in his cave. 

Ask them to design a changing zone/area/room for their Superhero character.  It may be a Superhero figure they already have, a doll or a teddy for example.  Their changing zone can be made from any construction kit of their choice from home e.g. Lego, Duplo, Sticklebricks, K'Nex or can be made using junk, recycling and arts and crafts materials. 

Think about where the outfit is going to be stored, are there going to be separate boxes for the helmet, mask, gadgets etc?  Is there enough room for them to change and move around? 

Happy designing, and remember that you can upload a photo of your creation on Purple Mash.


Need a further challenge?

Using stickers or post it notes, your child can use their sounds to label the different areas, boxes, cupboards, stands etc.