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Guess the Pet

We are sure you are getting to be a pet expert by now, so today's activity will test your reasoning and word skills. Listen very carefully to the clues that your grown up reads out for you. Can you work out which pet they are describing?


Parents ... you might like to print out a set of the pictures cards to give to your child. Make sure they are familiar with each of these pets before starting the activity. Looking at a picture can help them reason the information that they are hearing. To make the task easier you can limit the number of picture cards that they have to choose from e.g. give them the picture of the pet you are going to describe and one other pet picture card, to increase the challenge increase the number of picture cards or for a real challenge don't have any picture cards at all!

What Pet Am I?

Ask your grown up to read you the clues and then help you to guess what pet is being described!

Through the Binoculars

Look through the binoculars to see different kinds of pets - can you recognise them all?