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When we have a pet they become a special part of our family. Some people have extra special pets that help them in some very special ways. They are called Assistance pets. Watch this video to find out about Whiskey the Assistance Dog.
Talk about how Whiskey the dog helps look after Ethan and how Ethan and his family help look after Whiskey.

The word assist means to help. Some help need help because they have a disability.

In a safe space without any hazards, blindfold your child and ask them to walk from a place across to you.. What did they find hard? Ask them how they felt? Can they tell you 3 words to describe how they felt.

Talk about how we use our eyes to help us with almost everything we do. Some people can have very poor vision or not be able to see at all. Talk about how guide dogs can help (assist) people with partial vision or who are blind.


You might like to watch these short videos with your child to show them the hard work and time that goes into training a guide dog. Talk about the special bond that exists between the dog and the blind person and how a persons life can be transformed by having a guide dog to assist them.

After watching the videos ask your child to tell you 3 words to describe the guide dog and then 3 words to describe how the blind person feels when they are out and about with their guide dog? If your child finds it hard to think of words share with them words that you would use to describe the guide dog and how the blind person might feel.

Refer back and compare the feelings to how your child felt when they had to walk just a short distance in a familiar space when they were blindfolded. 


Can you find out about other assistance animals that can play a special role in helping people? Some schools even have School Dogs!


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