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Today is an oracy activity – Why I am Special!


Following last weeks task looking at member of their family we would like the children to turn their attention to themselves.

In preparation for tomorrows writing task we would like you to discuss and ask them to share their own views and opinions on:

What makes them special?

What do they like doing?

What are they good at?

How they feel they help others?


Using the template provided below ask your child to draw a picture of themselves in the box outlined. Around the outside of their picture we would like you to write key words from their responses to the previous questions.

For example, “I am good at reading” – you would simply write the word ‘reading’.

These words will help to create a bank of useful words that will act as a prompt ready for their upcoming writing task.


Need a stepping stone?

To help get the thoughts going why not take a look in your child's bedroom or where they play to give them clues about what they are good at, what they do or any achievement certificates that they have? Get them to talk about it. You can ask questions and don't worry if they don't reply straight away, give them time to think about their answer and process what they have been asked. Sometimes the silence, although feeling awkward to you as the adult, can really benefit those developing their oracy skills. 


Need a further challenge? 

You could talk to your child about why they think they are good at it. Is it because they have an excellent dance teacher or friends that they can practise with? Is it because a family member is naturally good at that activity and that is a gift of genes? Is it because they really enjoy doing it and want to spend lots of time focusing on it. This will help develop your child's thinking and reasoning skills.