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Today we are looking at counting patterns!


In class we have been learning to count in two's and ten's...we were ready to learn to count in five's this term!  We have been counting in 2's to 20 and 10's to 100, looking at the hundred square to support us. Those children who are able to count in 2's and 10's have started to develop an understanding that when you count in 2's and 10's on the hundred square that patterns develop.


Below is a hundred square that you can use at home for this activity and also display if you would like. It is amazing what your child will pick up or find when just looking at the hundred square by themselves during independent play and learning. 


Step one...

Recite counting in 2's and 10's with your child. You may find that they already know them, some of them or none from memory. Don't worry if they don't know them off by heart, this just tells you the place to start...practise, practise, practise!  When practising something new then we know it can get boring so feel free to spice it up...

- say it quiet as a mouse

- say it loud like a giant

- rap it

- sing it

- dance it

- step it out on your walks

- say it as you go up the stairs

- sort it out with pasta pieces two at a time!


Step two...

When you've had lots of practise counting in 2's then transfer this to the hundred square. First of all begin by pointing and counting it out - counting in 2's up to 20. Then grab your colouring pencils and shade in the counting in two's. What pattern do they notice?

Can they see that one square is shaded, one is not, one square is shaded, one is not? It is really helpful that they understand this as it will help them for our final maths activity tomorrow. Your child may also spot that on each row it goes up by 2, 4, 6, 8, 0 each time. This is an excellent pattern to identify as it will help them to know how to count in two's past twenty.



Need a stepping stone?

Stick to counting in 2's without all the numbers on the hundred square and focus on recalling counting to ten, then twenty with confidence. You could fold the hundred square back on itself so you can only see 1-20, or alternatively just write out your own hundred square that goes up to 20. Display it around your house with the 2's coloured in so they can practise on their own if they can recognise the numbers. If they can't each time you go past it go through it together pointing to the numbers as you go.  You can also put numbers to ten on each step of your stairs at home and then go up them in twos saying the number together. 


Need a further challenge?

Once you have done the activity with 2's, then move on to do 10's. The pattern we want them to notice is that the units (the zero) stays the same and that the tens number changes and goes up one each time.  If your child is secure with these, get practising with counting in 5's. 


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