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Let’s Spread Our Wings and Fly


*** This activity will be explored during your child’s time at school this week ***

*** Please only complete this activity if your child is not attending school this week – thank you ***


Wow! What a busy year we’ve had and what an interesting year it’s been!

So much has happened.

At the start of the school year none of us imagined that we would be doing two of our topics as home learning topics.

But we are super proud of you and all that you have achieved this year … WELL DONE YEAR 1 YOU ARE SUPERSTARS!

… and now we are in our last week of Year 1!

How did that happen!


When something comes to an end it’s natural to have a mixture of happy and sad feelings but let’s make this a super, great, fab, fantastic, amazing, brilliant week!


Just like the butterflies we learnt about in our topic work, it’s amazing to spread our wings and fly.

Think how exciting it was for the butterflies to see and do so many amazing new things and that’s what it will be like for you in Year 2.


Our time together in Year 1 hasn’t been quite as we thought it would be! 

Why don't we try to think of it as being like the stages of change that a butterfly goes through …


Stage 1: Egg … that was when you first arrived in Year 1 … think of how you have changed and grown from that first day when mummy and daddy dropped you off in the line at school a bit like the way a butterfly drops off its eggs on the leaf … think of all the new things you can do, how much you have changed and how independent you have become!


Stage 2: Caterpillar … caterpillars eat and eat and eat to help them grow … but instead of eating lots of leaves to grow think of all the fun and interesting learning we did together in school that helped your body and mind grow!


Stage 3: Chrysalis … think of how the chrysalis protects the caterpillar as it continues to grow and change … think of this as the time you had to spend at home to protect yourself but you kept learning and you kept your body and mind growing!


Stage 4: Butterfly … think of how the butterfly has to wait patiently for its wings to strengthen before it is able to spread its wings and fly into an exciting new world … try to think of yourself as that butterfly sitting on the leaf ready to spread your wings and fly into Year 2!

Use this booklet to share some special things about yourself.

You can write about your friends, what you like doing in school, what you are proud of and what you are looking forward to.

It’s good to have things to look forward to.

You can then share some of these ideas with your new teacher and teaching assistant when you start Year 2.


When we are in school in our Class Bubbles we will talk about what you are looking forward to in Year 2 and what you might enjoy and achieve in your new school year.

If you are working at home on this task talk to a grown up about the exciting things you are looking forward to.


We are so proud of you and can't wait to see you ‘spread your wings’ in Year 2. 

You are going to be just brilliant!

When we’re all out on the playground together at breaktime don’t forget to fly past and say hello.


Well done Year 1! Pob Lwc!