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Expressive Arts Tasks Week 4

Romero Britto

Take a look at the beautiful art work below. This was created by an artist called Romero Britto. You can find out more about him by watching the video or the Power Point below. He uses bright colours and thick lines.

Can you create your own picture in the style of Romero Britto?

You will need to think of the bright colours you would like to use and what patterns would look good together. We have put some ideas together on this page to get you started.

How will you create your art work?

Remember- Your art work doesn’t always have to fit onto a piece of paper. You can draw and colour, but you could also use Purple Mash or j2e Paint to paint a picture online. You could even create a piece of art work outside- don’t forget to send us pictures!

Romero Britto

Still image for this video