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Thank you card

Talk about all the things Superheroes do that people would thank them for, e.g saving a building from collapsing, rescuing a cat from a tree, stopping someone from getting run over, catching a robber etc.  Discuss how they can do simple things to help others and how others help them.  Ask them who they think has helped them or has been kind to them recently. Examples could be a sibling who has tied their shoelaces, got a toy that was out of reach for them, helped them to tidy their bedroom or a grandparent who has bought them a lovely Christmas present or maybe a parent who has helped them with their home learning! Discuss how they can show that person that they are grateful of their help e.g. a picture or thank you card.  How can they decorate the card? What kind of things does the person you are giving the card to like?

Help your child to gather any materials they might need e.g. paper, card, felt pens, glitter, stickers, sequins etc.  Encourage your child to create a their card/picture independently.  When it is dry, ask them what they would like to write in the card/on the back of the picture, giving them Key Words such as 'thank you' and 'love from'.  Encourage them to write other words independently, writing any sounds that they can hear in each word.  Remind them to start any names with a capital letter.  

When the card is finished they can deliver or post their card to their chosen person.