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Today we are applying our pairs to ten knowledge!


Yesterday we looked at pairs that make ten and began exploring some of the patterns. Today we would like your child to start applying what they learnt yesterday.


You can play the game again from yesterday of finding different ways to make ten but this time with a different set of objects to warm up their memory! Then when they have had a practise they can try the activity sheets below to find the missing number to make the bond to ten. There are a few different themed sheets. You can either choose one for today that you think will appeal most to your child, or you could even use them all over the next week or so to help your child practise. 


There is also the fun game of Curious George that all children can try to help make links with making ten. Take a look at the songs too below that help to make it fun!

Need a stepping stone?

Your child may have found the activity yesterday tricky and therefore may not yet be ready to move on to applying their knowledge of pairs to ten in the activity above. Please do not worry - every child is at a different stage with their numeracy learning and this isn't cause for concern as this is a new concept. Go back to yesterdays activity and have another go. This time try the main activity where instead of giving them the pairs to 10 cards first, get them to see if they can remember any of the pairs they made yesterday and make them first...if not, encourage them to try by themselves. Once each pair has been made you can then match them together with the pairs cards. It is important that together you repeat lots of times the number sentences so these become more familiar to them.


Need a further challenge?

If your child is confident finding the missing numbers in pairs to 10 then now is the time to start building on their mental recall. Lots of songs online will help your child remember these bonds as well as practising them with activities like yesterday and today. Below are some songs and games for your child to play to help embed these bonds.  Then you can have a daily mental recall quiz round every day and see if they can beat their own score daily! 

Number Pairs Song

5 and 5 make 10, and so do 3 and 7! Help your little one learn about number pairs with this catchy math song.

I Can Say My Number Pairs 10 | Math Song for Kids | Number Bonds | Jack Hartmann

Number pairs for 10. This number pairs song engages students to demonstrate the number bonds for 10 with their fingers for active engagement/