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This activity links in with today's Oracy task 'If I were a Superhero'. 

A 2Do has been set on Purple Mash.  Your child is asked to turn themselves into a superhero and to think about what they would say or do to help others.

They will need to take a photograph of themselves, insert it into a picture of the given superhero and then use the keyboard to type a caption into the speech bubble provided.  It sounds tricky but if you follow the instructions below, they shouldn't have any problems.

  1. Press the camera button in the middle of the top bar.  Make sure that your face sits in the middle of the oval shape shown.  Left click and it will take a photo and insert your face into the superhero's mask.
  2. Click on the photo of your face and move it around until it fits snuggly into the mask. You can use the the curved arrows on the tool bar to change the angle of the face if need be.
  3. Use the magnifying glasses on the top left of the tool bar to make your face bigger or smaller so it fits perfectly into the mask.
  4. Click on the Capital 'A' on the top right of the tool bar and use your keyboard to type your message into the speech bubble.  Remember to start your message with a capital letter (hold down the CapsLock button when typing the letter you need) and to put a full stop or exclamation mark at the end of your sentence.  (Your grown up will help you)
  5. Press  the A+ or A- button at the top right of the tool bar to make the font larger or smaller until you are happy with the size.


Need a further challenge?

Use the red circle on the tool bar to record the message that you have written.  Can you put on a Superhero voice? Have some fun experimenting!  Use the green triangle button to play back and listen to your message.  Don't forget to save it and upload it to Purple Mash!


The teachers are looking forward to looking at and listening to these fabulous creations!