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Today's activity is ...Oracy – If I were a superhero…


This week we would like you to look at different famous superheroes such as Superman, Spiderman, Wonder Woman, The Incredibles etc.  and talk about the different superpowers that they have. You could talk about why they need these powers, how they work and what they need for these powers. 


Ask your child to think about and suggest the powers they would most like to have if they were a real-life superhero and most importantly, why they would like these particular powers. 


Need a stepping stone?

If your child finds it challenging to think of their own suggestions you could discuss and come up with ideas together.  You can write a list of up to 5 of these ideas and ask your child to order them in choice of preference.  This will give good opportunities to focus their thoughts.


Need a further challenge?

Once your child has suggested the super powers they would like to have and why, can they also think of a scenario where each one would be useful? You can also write down their superhero powers they suggest and ask your child to order these in terms of importance and ask them to explain why one is more important that the other. This helps to develop reasoning and thinking skills and works towards achieving a thinking skills framework called the 'diamond 9' which they will do as they progress through the school.