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Today we are looking at 'Months of the Year!'


Yesterday we looked at the days of the week which is a familiar timescale to all of our children in Reception. We often talk about the different days in the week, some even making links that on certain days they do a specific activity...for example, swimming lessons are on a Thursday.   Today we are looking at the months of the year. Many may know a specific month, perhaps the month of their birthday, but usually in Reception most are unfamiliar with this time scale.


To get started discuss with your child that we have lots of weeks in a year (52 weeks) but that lots can happen over the year. One way we can remember more easily when things happen is to break it down into smaller chunks, just like we do when reading big words. Explain that there are twelve months in a year and ask if they know the names of any of them. If they do you could extend their thinking by asking them how they know or remember that month ("February is my birthday", "I get eggs in April for Easter" etc).  Then, take a look at some of the songs and rhymes that can help you remember the twelve months of the year. You may have your own that you would like to share with your child.

Months of the Year Song | The Singing Walrus

Months of the Year Song | Learn the 12 Months

Months Of The Year Song

Explain that in these months of the year different things happen. For example - February is well known as the month for pancake day, start of lent and Valentine's day.  Using the cards below you can look at these (you can do this on screen if you don't want to print) and talk about what each picture may be referring to. 

If you have a calendar in your house you can show your child how they work. If you are super organised and have already written down key events for the months you could talk about these too! 


Then to end the session your child can play the game below. It's a lovely game which has the months of the year ordered at the top so it gives a little helping hand. Enjoy!

Need a stepping stone?

If your child has found it difficult learning the days of the week and you feel that they need to concentrate on knowing their days of the week then go back to the Monday activity and have another try. You can also play Roy the Zebra Days of the Week game (see link below to be able to do this). When your child shows more confidence then you can move on to the activity above. 

Need a further challenge?

There are some lovely activities available online that you could choose from to develop knowledge on the months of the year.  We have found a lovely 'making' craft activity which we have linked below from 'Books and Giggles'. You can download the template for free if you subscribe to their newsletter, which is seemingly free (no costs can be recovered from Rhiwbeina Primary School should you incur any charges for your use of this site). Sadly we cannot give you the copy that we downloaded as the webpage do not allow this. If you do not wish to do this you could improvise!    We have also linked below a cut and stick if your child enjoys these kinds of activities.