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Today's activity is handwriting - 'One Armed Robot Letters' h and b!


This week we will be continuing with the letter formation practise of two more ‘One Armed Robot’ letters - 'h' and 'b'.


As with the previous handwriting session we would like you to focus on the correct formation (following the formation patter you had on your handwriting information sent home), position and size of the letters on the lines (sky, grass, mud), and orientation (making sure that the letters face the right way).


Please refer to the purple mash 2Do video to see how these letters should be formed. Remember that both letters are tall letters so they will start near the top of the sky in the sky, grass, mud guides. The letter b is notoriously formed incorrectly, often confused with 'd', so please try to ensure that your child bounces back up rather than forming the circle from the bottom. We have included an example sheet for your reference to see how we would set out this activity.

Need a stepping stone?

If your child finds forming these letters challenging start big before transferring this onto paper. You can use shaving foam on a work surface or on the bathroom tiles, washing up liquid in a tray, chalking outdoors etc. Once they have practised doing this then make the letters smaller and insert onto lines as in the activity.


Need a further challenge?

You could challenge your child to apply what they have used on blank lines (12mm spaced). Can they still position the letters on the line using the knowledge of sky, grass, mud and correct formation/orientation. If they can do this, then challenge them to write the sentence 'I can jump and hit the top' which is phonetical and uses high-frequency words which your child should be able to do independently.