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Today's activity is...Phonics – Real and Fake Words!

For todays lesson we will be targeting the children’s blending skills. We would like you to visit the Phonics Play website linked below.

You can gain free access to all of this website by using the username: Jan21 and the password: home.  When schools reopen you will still be able to access some phonic resources that are free, others turn to subscription games. 


You will need to click on the resources tab at the top of the screen and a list of games will be presented. For this activity your child can use any, some or all of the following games for this activity focus:

Buried Treasure

Dragons Den

Picnic on Pluto


Each of these games focusses on your child sounding out and then blending to read them as a whole word, the same as you do with your Blending and Segmenting sets we send home. This game though has a twist...they then have to decide whether the word is a real word or fake before carrying out the action required. Using fake words ensures that the children have to learn to blend and not just recognise through sight or guessing. As they progress they will need this skill to decipher longer and harder words.


Once you have clicked on the game of your choice you will be given a choice of phase 2 or phase 3 so that you can choose the level appropriate to your child.


Phase 2

If your child is phase 2 you can click on the bottom right hand side button labelled Revise all Phase 2 as all sounds have been covered.

Phase 3

If your child is at phase 3 level we would ask that you focus on the sounds shown without a cross.

To begin with help your child to sound talk the word and then say it as a whole word to model how to do the game. Ask them to decide whether the word is real or fake. Drag the item to the correct side of the screen. For subsequent words ask your child to have a go themselves making sure they are carrying out the process of sounding out followed by saying it as a whole word. If your child is unsure of the meaning of any real words, let them know what they mean. Context is everything when learning to read!


We have attached paper versions of the ‘Buried Treasure’ if you would like to use these also/instead of, but there are no expectations for you to do so. If you do choose to play these and your child is phase 3 then please only use the words with the sounds listed above.

Need a stepping stone?

If you find that revising all the phase 2 sounds in one go is too much for your child, you can always select just one or two sounds to rehearse with interactively. You could choose a few different sounds playing the different game multiple times.


Need a further challenge?

Why not challenge your child by getting them to write a list of the real words they have encountered throughout the game. Can you say one of these words and your child to put it into a sentence?

Don't Forget!

As before lockdown, we update our Reception phonics page weekly. Here you will find daily phonics tuition videos for your child to watch as well as games to accompany these skills/sounds. As the weeks progress in Phase 3 then you will find new access to Blending and Segmenting sets and high-frequency words too. We hope you enjoy these too!


Here is the link in case you are unsure where to find it...